my name is Janice Melton


The first Yorkie I bought was a little boy named Sammy. The moment I first held that tiny ball of fur in my arms, I knew I was hooked. My husband of 35 years had suffered a major stroke, leaving him paralyzed, with severe brain damage. He finally came home from the hospital, following many months of rehabilitation. This little puppy brought me so much happiness and love, at a time when I was at my lowest point in life. Although my husband could not even remember my name, he loved the visits Sammy paid him every few hours. His visits truly brought a smile to my husband's face. Sammy not only gave me the companionship I needed, but he was always willing to give me all his love and kisses I so desperately needed during those long months my husband had been in the hospital. I knew then, what I could do to enrich the lives of others. I was inspired to share the love we received from our pet to anyone who desired the same. That is when I decided to become a breeder of Yorkshire Terriers.

Today, I strive to breed sound, healthy Yorkies with beauty and a sunny disposition being of utmost importance.

  • Our dogs are groomed faithfully and Veterinarian checked regularly to ensure they are healthy. [Veterinarian references are provided to potential buyers.]
  • I have earned a respected reputation with our happy customers; so much they come back for more! Please see my testimonial / reference page.
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Savannah and Bonnie
Jan and "Tinkerbelle" - The Grand Dam of all!
imgJulius L. "Butch" Melton, Jr., 64, of Somerville, passed away in Memphis on Thursday, May 9, 2013. Mr. Melton, the husband of Janice Brown Melton for 44 years, is also survived by two sons, Scott Melton of Memphis and Justin Melton of Somerville; two sisters, Renee Manner of Olive Branch and Linda Smith of Broken Arrow, OK; his mother, Mary Melton of Memphis and four grandchildren. Interment, Memorial Gardens, 3700 N. Germantown Rd.
Please remember the Melton family in your prayers. We will miss Butch and hold him with love in our memory.