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Call Jan - 901-870-7588 for an appointment.

Please visit our NURSERY for pictures and details of available puppies from our current litters. Our Jan Mum stays really busy decorating our Nursery and keeping an ever-watchful eye on each of us. Come back every day and check how things are progressing ...and see new arrivals! We are so precious and she keeps everything cozy and comfortable for us. Our Babies come with a "Puppy Pak".
• Veternarian records of vaccinations & wormings
• Photo album with their baby pictures
• Health certificate from DVM and health guarantee
• Registration Papers
• Cuddly Blanket
• "Play Toy"
• Small bag of Purina Pro puppy food to get them started.

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There are many options available: special arrangements to get one of us "on our way" to a loving home with you. We offer professional and safe transportation for our precious little travelers when requested.

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Yorkshire Terrier

"Yorkie" Climbs AKC List of Most Popular Dog Breeds. If you are a Yorkshire Terrier owner, or if you want to be, you are not alone. The AKC (American Kennel Club) tracks which purebreds are the most popular dog breeds. The Yorkie, as it is affectionately known by Yorkshire Terrier enthusiasts, has been climbing the list for several years, and was ranked as the Number 2 most popular dog in America for 2006.


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Memphis Yorkies continues to be supportive and available to our "Pet Parents" for any questions or concerns. Please send me pictures and keep me updated on your Memphis Yorkie family.
Jan Melton

Image My sister Debbie and I began our private Hobby Breeder enterprise in 2000. The first Yorkie I bought was a little boy named Sammy. The moment I first held that tiny ball of fur in my arms, I knew I was hooked.

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We breed beautiful and loving Yorkshire Terriers and West Highland White Terriers who will fill your life with joy as a devoted and affectionate companion.

• Excellent quality
• Loving temperaments
• Beauty beyond compare
• Raised with love and compassion
• Kennel trained
• Socializing skills are promoted from birth
• Played with and given surroundings that are clean and filled with fun toys, and places to explore.


CONTACT "Memphis Yorkies"   • Phone: 901-870-7588
Online appointment scheduling for Animal Services:   Information, availability, and details on how we may become a member of your family. HERE

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